Upcoming Event | National Fighting Championships 59 “Harvison vs. Weathers” | 7-19-13

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Talk about Atlanta fighters that have dazzled the crowd for years and two names come to mind – Ran Weathers and Clay Harvison. Both fighters have come up the ranks at Wild Bill’s fight nights as an amateur, then as a pro, both have been main events at the venue and both have gone on to fight for the UFC and Bellator.Now Harvison vs Weathers headlines Friday, July 19 at NFC at Wild Bill’s!
“Once we announced this fight we got tons of emails that people were excited about it and you could see it with the response on Facebook as well,” said NFC promoter David Oblas. “This is a huge fight because both guys are from Atlanta, have lived here most of their life and not only is there a win on the line and bonus money; but it’s a huge pride issue for both guys to win in their hometown over the other.”
This is a matchup that many Atlanta fight fans have wanted; but never thought would happen. Now it is on for Friday, July 19 at NFC #58 at Wild Bills!
Tickets are available at any Ticketmaster location for as low as $25 for general admission standing room tickets. For $40 you can choose to sit at a table of 4, a table of 8 or cageside in rows 4-10. For $100 a ticket you’ll be cageside in rows 1-3.  To purchase tickets online CLICK HERE.
There are four exclusive VIP sections available for $1,500 for 10 people and include food, one bottle, a waitress, reserved parking outside, a VIP hostess with couch seating cageside or on stage.
You can take a client to a Braves game, a Falcons game, a Hawks game or dinner. They’ll forget the event a week later. Treat your clients to a VIP section at a NFC fight at Wild Bill’s and they’ll never forget it!!!
To reserve your VIP section email dave@UndisputedProductions.com or call the Fight Hotline at 678-TKO-0115.
The full fight card, subject to change, is below.
***Clay Harvison (Warriors Legion, 10-5) vs Ran Weathers (Greg Jackson’s MMA, 16-14)
***George Lockhart (Warriors Legion, 10-5) vs Gerald Meerschaert (14-6): 180 lbs
***Scott Farhat (Striker Fight Center, 7-7) vs Juan Puerta (ATT, 5-3): 132 lbs
***Joseph Copley (2-3) vs Josh Blankenship (Legacy Fight Club, 1-2): 177 lbs
***Anthony Cooper (4-4) vs Gabe Leatherman (Legacy Fight Club, 5-2): 187 lbs
***Shane McNew (The HardCore Gym, 3-0) vs Brandon Arrington (Chris Ruiz, 4-3): 170 lbs
***Steven Higgins (Go For Broke, 0-1) vs Lamar Brown (ATT, 1-0): 165 lbs
***Ivey Mewborn (Legacy Fight Club, 1-3) vs Emily Solon (KBX Gym, 0-2): 117 lbs
***Caleb Bowman (1-0) vs Dustin Davis (Legacy Fight Club, 1-0): 210 lbs
***Kyle Connors (Revolution MMA, 0-0) vs Delcho Dimitrov (Iron Clutch Fitness, 1-0): 157 lbs
***Anthony Canzano (Linic MMA, 0-0) vs Darius Johnson (X3 Fitness, 0-0): 137 lbs
***Zac Cooper (The HardCore Gym, 2-0) vs Jeremy Poole (Chris Ruiz, 2-0): 147 lbs
***Emmanuel Allen (Chris Ruiz, 1-1) vs Ross McBurnett (Warrior Quest & Fitness, 0-0): 142 lbs
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Upcoming Event | National Fighting Championship #53 | Duluth, GA 3-1-13

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This Friday night Wild Bill’s Fight Night makes some changes. First and foremost is after years of consideration, all fights will be moving to a cage instead of a ring! This is something that our fans have been begging for and it finally happens this Friday night!

Second is the name changing to National Fighting Championship (NFC). Those in attendance will also see several more changes with an all new ring entrance for the fighters, two VIP couch sections located cageside and reduced ticket prices on the floor from $50 each to $40 each.

The first fight with these changes has already proved to be a success. The entire floor around the cage is already sold out today, more than two days away from fight night. The only seats remaining are limited number of cageside seats in rows 1-3 for $100 each. Tables of 4 and 8 are still available from Ticketmaster for $40 a seat and standing room general admission for $25. All tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door the night of the fights.


To purchase tickets online at Ticketmaster, CLICK HERE

Fight 1: Advanced Amateur MMA: 172 lbs

Brandon Rivers vs Tsvetomir Petrushev

Fight 2: Advanced Amateur MMA: 175 lbs
Gabe Leatherman vs Andrew Ballenger

Fight 3: Female Amateur MMA: 117 lbs
Regina Louima vs Amy Bybee

Fight 4: Pro MMA: 132 lbs
Manuel Correa vs Juan Puerta

Fight 5: Pro MMA: 134 lbs
Rusty Crowder vs CJ Hamilton

Fight 6: Pro MMA: 173.5 lbs
Mike Corvino vs Amir Dadovic

Fight 7: Pro MMA: 172 lbs
Adam Dehart vs Dudley Spence

Fight 8: Pro MMA: 172 lbs
Roger Carroll vs Dhiego Lima



NFC #53 at Wild Bill’s Friday night will feature a main event between two fighters that have been fighting on national television for the past year on HDNet and AXS TV. 


Atlanta’s Dheigo Lima vs fight North Carolina’s Roger Carroll in the main event. Lima is 6-1 and has been fighting for the MFC in Canada on HDNet. Carroll is 18-11, has beaten several Atlanta fighters and just won his last fight on AXS TV. This promises to be one of the best main events Atlanta fight fans have seen. 


There are a total of 5 pro fights on the card, three advanced amateur fights and one female fight. 


For more info call the Fight Hotline at 678-TKO-0115.

To purchase tickets at Ticketmaster, CLICK HERE






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Upcoming Event | Championship Fighting Alliance 10 | 3-2-13 Miami, FL

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screen shot 2013-02-27 at 1.27.13 am

Both James McSweeney (10-10) and Dion Staring (28-8) are looking for a victory. McSweeney is coming off a lost in October against Matti Makela via TKO in the second round.

Staring was defeated by Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier in the promotion’s last show via TKO in the second round. A victory for either man would be significant for their mma resume

Both men will battle at CFA 10’s main event at the BankUnited Center on March 2, 2013 in Coral Gables, Fl. McSweeney, a former UFC fighter who competed on the Ultimate Fighter reality show, was recently in the news when he stopped a knife wielding thief in Las Vegas, NV. Starring trained at the Dutch power house Golden Glory alongside Alistair Overeem. Staring, a southpaw fighter, now moved closer to his former sparring partner and he is now training at the Blackzillians camp in Boca Raton, Fl. with the likes of Overeem, Rashad Evans and more.

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MFC Press Release | Bombastic Benoit brands Birchak ahead of MFC 37

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Credit :  MFC Staff  http://www.maximumfighting.com

Ryan Benoit may be dubbed “Baby Face” because of his age and youthful looks but he fully grasps the meaning of an age-old adage.

The sentiment “Jack of all trades … Master of nothing” goes a long way to describing Benoit’s feeling towards his upcoming opponent, Anthony Birchak, whom he’ll meet at MFC 37: True Grit in the Maximum Fighting Championship’s very first major bantamweight bout.

Benoit respects Birchak’s talents. He just doesn’t feel there’s much depth to any of his skills.

“He’s a respectable opponent, but I’ve watched him before and I don’t think he’s all that much,” said Benoit (Twitter: @babyfacebenoit).

“He’s fought some tough dudes but he’s never fought anybody like me.”

Well-rounded is something Benoit takes pride in, yet his philosophy goes beyond the standard level of acceptance for the term. The 23-year-old from Dallas, Texas, is a firm believer that there are, in fact, two distinct levels of being well-rounded.

Essentially, there’s well-rounded, and then there’s really well-rounded.

“I’m what I consider well-rounded. Birchak seems OK at everything but not especially good at anything,” declared Benoit.

“If you want to compete in a straight stand-up fight, I’ll do very well at that. I actually think his striking is his weakness so if he wants to test me on the feet I’m more than ready for that. I’ve wrestled at a high level and he’s not going to stop me with that. He can’t take me down.

“He’s going to see some things that he never expected. He might be well-rounded but not what I’d call well-rounded. He’s not well-rounded enough.”

Benoit (6-1) will square-off against Birchak (9-1) in the semi-main event of MFC 37 airing live on AXS TV Fights on Friday, May 10 from the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. The televised card launches at 10 p.m. ET/8 p.m. MT/7 p.m. PT (check local listings for channel designation).

After honing his well-rounded craft in Texas, Benoit is eager to make his first appearance in the Maximum Fighting Championship ring, and he’s squarely targeted getting past Birchak en route to becoming the MFC’s inaugural bantamweight champ.

“I’m super excited because I’ve wanted to be in the MFC for a long time. It’s a high-level promotion, definitely one of the top ones in the world,” said Benoit.

“This door is now open and it’s like a dream come true. I want to go through even bigger doors and I’m really viewing this opportunity as a chance to really expand myself and have more and more people know who I am.”

And while wrestling is certainly Benoit’s fallback area of expertise, he’s made it clear that fighting with a more electrifying approach is much more to his liking. Lay-and-pray is absolutely not in the game plan.

“I’ve developed a Chuck Liddell style,” he explained. “Definitely wrestling is my background and it’s my comfort zone, but I love to strike and I like to kick a lot. I think you’ll see I’m pretty explosive on my feet.”

Tickets for MFC 37: True Grit are on sale now and available via www.ticketmaster.ca or by calling the MFC Ticket Hotline at (780) 504-2024.



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Upcoming Event | BAMMA USA presents “Bad Beat 8″ | Commerce, CA

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Press Release | Chris “The Beast Boy” Barnett Signs 4 fight deal with MFC, faces Rama for title at MFC 37 May 10.2013

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Credit :  MFC Staff

If you’ve never heard of the name Chris Barnett, it’s probably because he hasn’t fought in MMA since April 22nd, 2011. He was sidelined by an unethical promoter: “Every time I had another MMA fight scheduled, this promoter would call the other organizations and harass them and I didn’t have an exclusive contract with him.” Chris kept active by knocking out his opponent in his professional boxing debut, even with all the negativity surrounding him. In case you were wondering if he is a complete fighter, he just won N.A.G.A two weeks ago.

Chris Barnett is currently not a household name, but that’s all about to change. “I’m coming and making the MFC my home, in my opinion it’s the #2 organization in the world right behind the obvious, for the simple fact that all their title holders are world class athletes and when they decide to take that next step in their careers they make history.” Barnett is referring to Ryan Jimmo’s (MFC Light Heavyweight champion/alumni) 7 second knockout record. Barnett trains with Jimmo and the rest of the blackzillians Alistair Overeem, Rumble Johnson, Tyrone Spong and Rashad Evans just to name a few.  “Those guys all speak highly of me, I went down there to really find out where I was at and now I know that I am exactly where I need to be, this is my sport and it was a huge confidence boaster training with all those guys.” It’s safe to say that all this high level training really put fuel on his fire.

Barnett also known as “Beast Boy” was originally born in Spain and was raised in multiple cities in Europe. His teenage years were spent travelling the United States living in Colorado, Texas and wrestling in Georgia. He finally made it to Florida playing football for the University of South Florida (USF-NCAA Div 1), that’s where he resides to this day. Now it’s time for the “beast boy” to make it in Canada, signing a 4 fight deal with the Maximum Fighting Championship.  “I have never heard one negative thing about the MFC and if they would have me at every show I would get an MFC tattoo… I have never been this excited about anything; my heart is thumping just talking about this opportunity.”

“My biggest fear is not living up to my family’s legacy and disappointing my loved ones. I come from a family where you have to become somebody or be shunned.” On Friday May 10th at MFC 37 True Grit Chris Barnett will have the opportunity to make his family proud and become the MFC world heavyweight champion when he faces undefeated Smealinho “the prince” Rama.  The Prince has a flawless record of 6-0 with 6 finishes in the first round and has been perfect with his pre fight predictions. On the other hand Beast Boy has his own prediction “I will finish him with a TKO in the second.”

“If anybody has anything to say on why I am getting this title shot, line them up and I will show them exactly why I am getting a shot at that MFC championship”  Barnett is a very dedicated man who has a low tolerance for laziness and pushes himself to the limit in the gym every day.  He has been blessed with self motivation and prides himself on the fact that you can’t teach heart. “I don’t ever want to be known as not humble, but what I’m doing and where my spirit’s at right now I feel unstoppable, I feel like I can take 6 bullets and push through it.”

Barnett knows how dangerous Rama is when it comes to the MFC heavyweight division but he has been waiting for this opportunity his whole life and he’s never been more ready. “I want a challenge, I want a young lion. Rama is exactly what I want for my next fight, I mean his boxing is decent but anybody with a 4 ounce glove and some weight behind him can get a knockout, but he’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Rama seems to be able to talk his way into his opponent’s heads; considering he did it against Hackert with the first round finish, it seems like it’s been working in his favor. Beast Boy is the opposite “I’m about putting in work, having fun and putting on a show but if he has a big mouth I have a big fist.” This match up seems interesting from all angles, the MFC ring is going to be on fire when heavyweight sensations Rama and Barnett meet for a chance to become the next MFC world heavyweight champion. It is obvious both these fighters are hungry for glory. We will find out who has TRUE GRIT and who will leave MFC 37 the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world live on AXS TV from the Shaw conference center in Edmonton, Canada on May 10th which can’t come fast enough.  In closing Chris “Beast Boy” Barnett (7-1) had this to say to the MFC fans “Have you ever seen kung fu panda in real life? he laughed, but in all seriousness you better come watch this fight because it’s time for me to build my legacy and I feel like it’s my job to humble fighters’ with massive ego’s.”


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Weigh In Results | Bellator 88

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NextMMAFighter will be ringside this evening bringing you all the action from the Undercard that features a number of local Georgia Fighters. Pick up a ticket if you dont have one to support Local MMA and ensure Bellator comes back which means more action for local fighters.

Here are the Official Weigh-in Results

Bellator 88 Weigh-in Results:

Alexander Shlemenko (184.8) vs. Maiquel Falcao (184.8)
Marlon Sandro (145.6) vs. Akop Stepanyan (145.8)
Mike Richman (145) vs. Mitch Jackson (145.2)
Alexandre Bezerra (145.6) vs. Genair da Silva (145.6)
Fabricio de Assis Costa da Silva (145.6) vs. Magomedrasul Khasbulaev (145.6)
George Hickman (145.8) vs. Stephen Upchurch (145)
Clay Harvison (159.2) vs. Ururahy Rodrigues (155.8)
Shane Crenshaw (152) vs. Ronnie Rogers (145.6)
Jerrid Burke (155.4) vs. Joe Elmore (158.8)

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Upcoming Live Coverage | Bellator 88 | Duluth, GA 2-7-13

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NextMMAFighter will be on hand on Thursday evening for Bellator 88 which features a number of previously featured fighters participating on the nationally televised fight card.

Complete Fight Card : http://www.bellator.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=23600&ATCLID=205835929

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Press Release | Maximum Fighting Championship | Mike Hackert

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The #1 Heavyweight Fighter In Canada Won’t Be Taken Lightly

Historically, one who reigns over others in a country is referred to as King.

24-year-old Mike Hackert is currently the number 1 ranked heavyweight MMA fighter in Canada.  With a professional fighting record of 6-1, “The Honey Badger” is a young talent with tremendous promise, showing rapid evolution in his skills and fighting prowess.  Mindful of the newly acquired bullseye on his back due to his rank, Hackert speaks honestly about his status in a division where he regularly finds himself at a size disadvantage.  He is not a fighter who enters a bout without fear, but he is a fighter who effectively couples his fear with an ever-growing confidence as he reaches new heights and realizes his potential.  The new King is settling into his throne.

Great fighters want to challenge the King, and a great King wants to be challenged.  The Maximum Fighting Championships is an MMA organization that energetically fosters a “culture of challenge,” consistently testing their champions and top prospects with the most worthy opponents available.  On the current MFC heavyweight roster there waits a great fighter, a “Prince,” who is gunning for the King’s crown at MFC 36: Reality Check on February 15th.

Smealinho “The Prince” Rama is currently 5-0 in his young MMA career, with all of his wins coming by way of TKO or submission within four minutes of the first round. He displays supreme confidence in his abilities and speaks plainly about his intentions to fight for the title and rule the MFC’s heavyweight division.  He is a very exciting prospect who no doubt presents a stern test for Mike Hackert.

Being a bold rising star with no lack of confidence, Smealinho has stated: “This guy (Hackert) doesn’t worry me.  He’s a plain boxer.  People think he’s something special, but I’m going to show my standup skills with this guy… show him what kind of boxer he really is.”

Mike Hackert is admittedly a more soft-spoken individual, but he has not allowed Rama’s comments to affect him leading up to this fight for the top spot on Canada’s heavyweight ladder.

“I wouldn’t really consider myself a plain boxer.  Yeah, sure I use my hands a lot, but I don’t feel that I look like a plain boxer in the MMA world,” Hackert said in response to Rama’s comments.  “I think I’m just the more skilled fighter.  I’ve seen Rama.  He’s a dangerous guy, but I feel that I’m definitely the more skilled fighter.  He brings it and it’s going to be a good one.  I look forward to this fight.”

Hackert urges Rama to continue his torrent of comments. “Keep talking.  I’m happy because he’s just selling the fight for the both of us.”

The past opponents that Smealinho Rama has dominated have had a combined fighting record of 16-17 (prior to fighting Rama).  None were ranked #1 in the country, and none of them were named Mike Hackert.

Hackert’s final words to Rama: “Don’t take me lightly.”

Credit : Matt Wilson, MFC Staff


Mike Hackert Article

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Upcoming Event | Fight Time Promotions presents “Fight Time 13″ | 2-15-13

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fight time 13posterfinal


Tickets and more information is available at http://www.fighttimepromotions.com/

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