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Featured Fighter Interview | Douglas Lima

Douglas Lima is a young phenom out of the American Top Team with a very bright future in MMA. We have had the honor to watch him tear it up on numerous occasions on the Southeast Circuit. Douglas will be fighting in the main event tonight for SportfightX at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. We spent some time with him as he gets ready for the biggest fight of his young career.

NextMMAFighter : You’re getting ready for a huge fight on Friday and we appreciate the time. Tell us how your final preparations are coming along.

Douglas Lima : My pleasure. Preparations are great and I am just taking it easy this week. All the hard training is done and now is just a lot of cardio and losing weight.

NextMMAFighter : Before losing to Matt Brown who now fights in the UFC, you had won 8 straight fights. When you look back on it, was the loss to a high caliber fighter beneficial to your career?

Douglas Lima : Of course. You always learn when you lose and losing to Matt back then wasn’t any different for me. I was very young and had a lot to learn back then. My cardio wasn’t good for that fight, so it taught me to train harder and prepare better for a fight. It sucks to lose, but it was better for me then and one day I’ll get my rematch.

NextMMAFighter : Speaking of the UFC, you are definitely an up and coming fighter. Without looking past your fight on Friday, what are your aspirations for your MMA future?

Douglas Lima : Well I’m just thinking about the next fight. I hope I get to the big show soon, but until then I’m training and fighting. I’m still young so whatever comes next I’ll be ready.

NextMMAFighter : You have gone through some very tough guys to get your place in the Redline Grand Prix Finals. Tell us a bit about your fights that got you to the finals.

Douglas Lima : First fight was against Eddie Hernandez. He was talking a lot before the fight and got me motivated to fight him. It was a tough fight, the kid is really good and strong. I got him in a triangle in the first round and was able to finish the fight there.

Round 2 was against Clint Hester who is another tough fight for anyone. We went to a decision and fought hard for three rounds. I broke my hand in the second round, so I
had to fight the third with that injury. It was hurting a lot, but I was able to put him on his back and work on top most of the round. I won what fight by unanimous decision and here I am.

NextMMAFighter : Unfortunately your original date with Coleman was postponed due to an injury. Tell us how your hand is doing and how you feel coming into the fight.

Douglas Lima : Right now the hand is perfect. It healed really fast and I thank Soco along with Sin City Fight Club for postponing the fight. It’s good to go now and is ready for the 26th.

NextMMAFighter : Cortez Coleman is a tough dude that fights out of the H.I.T Squad with Matt Hughes. Tell us what you know about your opponent.

Douglas Lima : Cortez is a tough guy and is coming off a great camp. He was an underdog in his first two fights of the Grand Prix and proved he belongs here in the finals. He always brings the fight, is always in shape and I’ll be ready to battle him Friday.

NextMMAFighter : You have been training for this fight with American Top Team, tell us about how they have helped you get ready.

Douglas Lima : American Top Team is really good and Jucao is taking great care of my training. He definitely has got me ready for this fight. I’m also training my Muay Thai with Manu at ATT. Both are really tough coaches that know what they’re doing.

NextMMAFighter : Without giving away your gameplan, how do you see the fight playing out on Friday?

Douglas Lima : Man I know one thing is for sure and that is that were gonna bang it out there. I’m gonna fight to finish no matter what it takes. Standing, wrestling, ground or whatever comes, I’ll be ready. As always you’ll never know how it goes, so we’ll all find out Friday.

NextMMAFighter : We wish you the best of luck on Friday, in closing is there anyone you would like to thank?

Douglas Lima : Thanks bro! I want to thank my trainers, Jucao and Manu first of all for getting me ready for this fight. I have to of course thank all my training partners. My manager Brian Butler with SuckerPunch Entertainment, Todd Wolff, Full Tilt Poker, Clinch Gear and Iron Clutch Fitness for sponsoring me for this fight! Thanks guys and if you can’t make the fight go to gofightlive.tv and check it out! God Bless!

You can find out more information and buy tickets for tonight’s fight at SportfightX The event will also be available on pay per view at gofightlive.tv

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