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Live Coverage – Adrenaline 3: “Sylvia vs. Mercer, Bragging Rights in Birmingham”


Daniel Ritchie (6-1) vs. Adrian Miles (5-2)
The gloves touched, and after that it didn’t take very long. Daniel Ritchie managed to land a few leg kicks, and then the fighters locked up for a moment before Ritchie was tossed down from the clinch. Adrian Miles didn’t waste any time and finished the fight with a flurry of punches from the top position.
Miles wins by TKO (Strikes) @ 1:48 of the 1st round

Barry Clifford vs. Matt Smart
Definitely a lot of high-level wrestling and jiu-jitsu was on display early in this fight. Matt Smart came very close to having an omoplatta but Clifford rolled out of it well and ended up in Smart’s guard. After an explosive first round, Smart was able to sink in an what looked like an Ezekiel choke to us and was able to finish the fight.
Smart wins by Submission (Ezekiel choke) @ 1:52 of the 1st round

Keith Cunagin (5-3) vs. Cory Hamrick (5-0)
The first round was fairly evenly scored, but there were no huge turning points in the fight. Early in the second round, Cunagin was controlling the fight and was on top when Hamrick was able to setup an armbar from the guard. At that point, he rolled onto his stomach and cranked the arm between his legs, forcing the referee to stop the fight.
Hamrick wins by Submission (Armbar) @ 2:47 of the 2nd round

Justin Travee vs. Brandon Esch
Well, I really don’t know what the hell I can write about this fight with a straight face. One thing worth mentioning is that Esch is the son of Butterbean, who was cornering him during the fight. The first round was a lot of clinch work and not much action because these were two massive dudes who were working real hard for position. I guess the highlights would be a fantastic knee that landed square on the nuggets in the second round by Travee, putting a halt to the fight for 4 minutes while Esch scooped his garbage back into his cup.

Once the fight was back on, there was more wheezing and wild punch-throwing before Esch flattened out face down. Then Travee threw 10 more haymakers before the fight was stopped. Butterbean then walked into the ring, looked at his son, who was still face-down on the ground, and told the ref he was fine, and then he told the Jr. Bean to get up. Hilarious.
Travee wins by TKO (Strikes) @ 2:17 of the 2nd round

Ron Mitchell (7-1) vs. Brandon Powell (2-0)
First round didn’t last that long — Mitchell and Powell both came out swinging with bad intentions. After a few trips to the mat and back to the feet, the fight continued its breakneck pace. It was only a matter of time before someone was going to go down. Powell was rocked on the feet and looked to recover when he actually ran into the ref. Mitchell was then able to land another flurry of punches that finished the fight early in the first round.
Mitchell wins by TKO (Strikes) in the 1st round.


From Adrenaline MMA 3 "Sylvia vs. Mercer Bragging rights in Birmingham"

Tuan Pham (1-0) vs. Sean Hall
Pham without a doubt gets my vote for walk-in ensemble of the year, as you can see above. This fight was non-stop action, with both fighters throwing caution to the wind and going for the knockout. Once it went to the ground, Sean Hall had the advantage, though, and with only 7 seconds to go in the round, he finished with an armbar while pushed up against the cage.

Even though this one lasted just shy of one round, it was such a crazy fight that the ref held both their hands up before the official decision was read. I will say that, even though he lost, Pham looks like he has a lot of potential and will surely bring an exciting fight whenever he steps into the cage. Furthermore, at 1-0, Sean Hall is going to be a guy that we keep our collective eye on.
Hall wins by Submission (Armbar) @ 4:52 of the 1st round

Keith Johnson (5-2) vs. Nick Rossborough (14-11)

The 1st round got off to a quick start, and both fighters maintained a clinch presence along with spending time in each other’s guard. It was a close round to score, but I had it going to Johnson.

The beginning of the 2nd round started with Rossborough almost getting a guillotine, but Johnson was able to escape. Johnson was then able to maintain control from the guard and sunk in a triangle that he held for about 2 minutes (and surprisingly threw no elbows even when they were clearly open and his corner was yelling at him to do so). With about 20 seconds left, Rossborough escaped from the triangle, but I still had him losing this round.

The 3rd round was mostly spent in the clinch before Rossborough was able to take Johnson down and try to work a kimura. Johnson escaped to his feet and scored a takedown, followed by mount, where he finished the fight decisively.
Johnson wins by Decision (Unanimous)

Josh Barnes (4-3) vs. Brad “Mongo” Tidwell (2-1)
Well, let’s just start out by saying this looked more like a bear-mauling on the History Channel than an actual fight. Brad “Mongo” Tidwell is a very large individual, and he used his mass to his advantage in this contest for sure. Once the bell rang, there was some clinch work that transitioned into the 300-plus-lb. Mongo elbow-striking the shit out of Barnes’ back until he turtled. Once this happened, Mongo took the opportunity to strike Barnes with knees on the side of his torso. The fight was eventually finished with Mongo working some looping punches that I guess could be qualified as ground-and-pound, and the fight was stopped.

It’s also worth noting that Mongo was throwing back some beers while sitting in the crowd about 20 minutes after the fight. Hell, yeah! Our kind of fighter!
Tidwell wins by TKO (Strikes) @ 1:36 of the 1st round.

Juan Zapata (17-1) vs. Joe Jordan (44-12-2)
This fight matched up Miletich Fighting Systems journeyman Joe “Porkchop” Jordan against a guy who is apparently 17-1, but whom I couldn’t find much information on. The fight started with Juan Zapata looking to throw some unorthodox leg strikes, but Joe Jordan clearly wasn’t impressed and waited for his opportunity to attack. Once he had that chance, he threw a combo that collapsed Zapata to the floor. He finished the fight with downward knees to the midsection, causing Zapata to tap out. This was promptly followed by Zapata having the hucks — which I can understand after Porkchop brought his entire bodyweight down on Zapata’s ribs.
Jordan wins by TKO due to strikes at 1:48 of the first round.

Bryan Goldsby (10-4) vs. Joey Marimberga (5-2)
Goldsby KO Punch
The first round was a feeling-out process by both fighters, with a lot of quick strikes from each. Goldsby was an extremely quick striker who eventually got the better of Marimberga on the feet, who was knocked down onto his back, where Goldsby finished the fight by knockout with only a few seconds left in the round.
Goldsby defeats Marimberga by KO at 4:57 of the first round.

John Salter (1-0) vs. Roberto Traven (6-3-1)
Salter came out and clearly was looking to bring the fight to Traven on his feet. He opened up with a flurry of punches that rocked the UFC veteran, and it was clear at that moment that Salter was going to go full speed ahead. Traven got back to his feet after he realized Salter wasn’t going to come into his guard, and a few punches later Salter came forward and connected with a right that dropped Traven and finished the fight. John Salter is a previously featured fighter, and we congratulate him on his win over a highly decorated MMA veteran. More than ever, we’re looking forward to his next fight.
Salter wins by KO at 2:15 of the 1st round

Sasuke Zapata (17-0) vs. Rich Clementi (34-14)
Clementi didn’t take this fight very seriously, but he won anyway. Rich Clementi touched gloves and walked right up to this kid. They traded punches and fairly quickly went to the ground, where Clementi passed Zapata’s guard a number of times and delivered a number of blows. Zapata managed to weasel his way out and defend with some up-kicks, but Clementi managed to get back on top of him and eventually put him in a side choke.
Rich Clementi by side choke 1st round 4:16.

Chris Davis (5-0) vs. Jeremy Horn (80-19-5)
Chris Davis is a recently featured fighter, and he looked to bring his aggressive pace right to Jeremy Horn. After the bell rang, they immediately exchanged a few punches, and it was apparent that Jeremy was looking to take the fight to the ground. Horn locked Davis up in a clinch and eventually got a double and took him to the ground. A great ground battle ensued, and Horn ended up on Davis’ back after having delivered a brutal elbow.
Jeremy Horn by RNC at 4:17 in the first round.

Ray Mercer vs. Tim Sylvia (24-5)


Tim Sylvia threw one kick, and then Mercer unloaded a right that connected hard, sending Sylvia tumbling like a tree that had just been cut down — it seemed to happen almost in slow motion. Once Mercer realized what happened, he climbed on top of Sylvia and delivered 1 more hamfist before the ref jumped in. So I guess we can say that Mercer has flawless ground and pound.
MERCER BY KO @ 10 seconds in the first round. This place is a madhouse right now!

All in all, this was a surprisingly great night of fights, with alot of exciting 1st-round finishes. Thanks again to Adrenaline MMA for giving us the opportunity to cover their event.

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    What is up not enough traning get your shit into it ????

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    WHY GOD WHY?!?!?!?!?! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck… no no no no no no no no!!!!


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    *Pulls out Bowflex*

  5. June 14th, 2009 at 01:13 | #5

    Mercer is a trash, Sylvia should have beaten him like a blond-haired step father. Why did he stand and fight with that thug? He should have taken him down to the ground and beat on his dome with ground and pounding. Now lets see Mercer fight under MMA rules against a real live opponent like Fedor. Fedor will twist his arms off and send him back to the ghetto with a broken arms.

  6. Conn
    June 14th, 2009 at 01:31 | #6

    i was pullin for the zapatas….so im a lil upset. but the marcer KO cracked me up. any1 know where i can see that

  7. June 14th, 2009 at 01:59 | #7

    that is hilarious that Sylvia got KO’d by a washed-up fighter. Can we officially call Sylvia a has-been?
    Good job Gumby.

  8. June 14th, 2009 at 02:01 | #8

    @Tony wolfbones: this fight WAS under MMA rules. Tim Sylvia just sucks that bad.

  9. June 14th, 2009 at 02:08 | #9

    @Tony wolfbones

    Dude, you’re a fucking idiot. How the hell is Mercer a “thug”? He was in the military and served his country instead of turning pro right away in boxing like he could have.

    Shut the fuck up until you get your facts straight.

  10. johnmerrick
    June 14th, 2009 at 02:46 | #10

    Factual Hip Hop -couldn’t have said it better my self.

  11. Chowder
  12. Blaze3000
    June 14th, 2009 at 05:06 | #12

    @Tony wolfbones

    Big fucking deal if Fedor can submit quickly submit Mercer?

    The man is 48 years old. He even said it himself.

    “I am a Boxer not a MMA fighter.”

    Why you got to act like a bitch and rant like a little girl? You say that Mercer is trash but that Sylvia should had stood up with him. Dies that make sense?

    You just proven that you are a inbred retard.

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    @Tony wolfbones
    slow down there buddy..maybe brett rogers!

  14. MrSS
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    @Tony wolfbones
    Mercer won the Olympic Gold Medal, is a former HW Champion and he beat your MMA pussy fighter. MMA is for cowards who can’t fight and just want to hump each other.

  15. The_Project
    June 14th, 2009 at 16:43 | #15

    Man your dumb dude thats all you just showed with your dumb fucking mouth. And just so you know. “fag MMA fans” don’t even like tim sylvia. this is funny for us to. How about you fight an mma fighter and our “Fag asses” will stomp you. it’s people like you that give boxing an ignorant look. nice job stupid.

  16. June 14th, 2009 at 22:37 | #16

    Has Sylvia had his button pushed too many times now? Is he done?

    What do you think?

  17. June 15th, 2009 at 01:09 | #17

    Respect the elements of boxing and grappling. Respect Karate and all other Asian arts. The problem is that most new competitors lack discipline. (Kimbo) In order to combat another style you must respect what may be dangerous about that style. Only then can you actually mount a defense. Brazilian Juts was hot because no one understood it. Then Matt Hughes happened to Gracie. They clowned Karate. Now look at Lyoto Machida. Now here in front of all of you Ray Mercer reminded everyone the importance of and the lack there of nice hands in the Octagon. Valitudo, Mixed Martial Arts, Cage Fighting: Combined Disciplines make this sport important. Be sure to step your boxing game up. Or you too will get knocked out!

  18. Tonywolfbones
    June 15th, 2009 at 05:17 | #18

    @ my critics. Mercer rubbed me off the wrong way when I watched him coming up in his early days. He knocked out a couple of his opponents senseless (they were totally gone and completely defenceless), he literally held them up and threw 3-4 vicious, full-blooded punches. This disgusted me and I turned my nose up at him. Boxing is dangerous enough without that kind of excessive, totally uncalled for violence. I remember thinking at the time he could have killed one of them. This my friends is the reason I refered to Mercer as a ”thug”

    By the way, I’m no Sylvia fan (unless their second name is Saint, lol). Tonywolfbones is a boxing nut extreme and has much respect for the ”noble art”

  19. Michael Murray
    June 15th, 2009 at 13:57 | #19

    Tim Sylvia’s intro music was a throw back from the Dukes of Hazzard days! Whoever let him play that intro should be arrested….

  20. 999
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    it just shows on any given nite anybody can taste defeat

  21. KnowOne
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    Senshitori, Much, Much respect to you it is a great thing to understand what we see and to be positive and respectful. For everybody posting here or anywhere regarding any disepline, go down to your local gym, dojo or facility and try to do three (3) minute rounds. It will be the most educational nine minutes you will find anywhere.

    One world, one people, one love.

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    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  23. August 20th, 2010 at 06:35 | #23

    Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do is the martial art pioneered by Bruce Lee. The original “mixed martial art,” it combines elements from boxing, wing

    chun, savate, fencing and others to form a simple and devastatingly effective street fighting system.

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