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Dragon House 10 Oakland, CA | June 2, 2012

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Dragon House MMA Cage Fight Series is headed to the East Bay. Fully Sanctioned professional fight with style. Hosted at the Marriott City Center in Oakland California on June 2nd 2012. Get Tickets Now!

Fight Card:

Main Event

Pete Sabala
Pete Sabala
Age: 24 Weight: 145
Team Breaker
Versus Bobby Stack
Bobby Stack
Age: 27 Wight: 145
Strongside System

Co Main Event

Rolando Velasco
Rolando Velasco
Age: 25 Weight: 135
Last Stand
Versus Evan Esquerra
Evan Esguerra
Age: 33 Weight: 135
True Fight Club


James Chaney
James Chaney
Age: 24 Weight: 170
Versus Sam Spengler
Sam Spengler
Age: 35 Weight: 170
Cung Le’s AKA
Giovanni Encarnacion
Giovanni Encarnacion
Age: 31 Weight: 145
Team Fight Kore
Versus Osmar Delima
Osmar Delima
Age: 23 Weight: 145
Tristan Arenal
Tristan Arenal
Age: 26 Weight: 155
Unlimited MMA
Versus Charles Diaz
Charles Diaz
Age: 34 Weight: 155
Milpitas Boxing
Ryan Bastianelli
Ryan Bastianelli
Age: 31 Weight: 125
Crispim BJJ
Versus Andrew Valladerez
Andrew Valladerez
Age: 23 Weight: 125
Cung Le’s AKA
Ramoni Koeut
Ramoni Koeut
Age: 29 Weight: 135
Last Stand
Versus Gabriel Carrasco
Gabriel Carrasco
Age: 30 Weight: 135
Michael Moreno
Michael Moreno
Age: 34 Weight: 185
Elite Training Center
Versus Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson
Age: 39 Weight: 185

Under Card Amateur Bouts

Mark Trader
Age: 24 Weight: 155
Mendo Combat Club


Paradise Vaovasa
Age: 22 Weight: 155
Dragon House MMA
David Ferguson
Age: 25 Weight: 265
Vortex Fight Team


Richard Treas
Age: 28 Weight: 265
Dynamic MMA
Don Mohammed
Age: 20 Weight: 170
Napa Valley MMA


Abraham Vaesau
Age: 24 Weight: 170
Dragon House MMA
Eduardo Andrade
Age: 22 Weight: 205
Team Silva


Miguel Royale
Age: 34 Weight: 205
Team USA
Rich O’Toole
Age: 27 Weight: 170
Skrap Pack


Angelo Reyes
Age: 28 Weight: 170
Combat Self Defense
Fidel Gomez
Age: 20 Weight: 155
Team Silva


Akeliano Salazar
Age: 19 Weight: 155
Mac Self Defence
Julio Solorio
Age: 25 Weight: 135
Tribull MMA


Jose Ayala
Age: 22 Weight: 135
Ab’s Dragon Academy


Featured Fighter: Andrew Valladarez

May 10th, 2012 1 comment


NMMF: Andrew, this is your first time fighting for Tachi Palace, a well respected promotion in the area, how do you feel about being at this level?
AV: Tachi palace is the place to be for the 125ers I’m glad I finally got my foot in the door. Level-wise I feel like I’m ready to shake up this 125 division. Hopefully I can make this my new home.

NMMF: Tell us about your background and a little bit about your training and gym.
AV:My background: I’m a 100% Cung Le fighter Sanshou fighter, I love to stand-and-bang. Training has been good; we have a strong tough team at Cung Le ADA and we had a few fighters fighting the same month as me, so we all help each other out.

NMMF:Martin Sandoval is a very game competitor, how do you see this playing out?
AV:Martin Sandoval is a good wrestler. His stand-up isn’t as good as mine; once we trade and feels it he will start shooting in but I’m ready to stuff the takedowns. If he stands-and-bangs I dont see him making it past the first round.

NMMF:What was the defining moment that convinced you that MMA was your path?
AV: Defining moment I always wanted to be an mma fighter: when I was young I told Cung Le that’s what I wanted to do. He said once I turn 18 he will get me in the cage. MMA is taking over and I love the sport.

NMMF:Thank you for your time, Andrew. Do you have anyone you’d like to thank?
AV: I would like to thank my mom, Bertha Kimrey. Without her I wouldn’t be a fighter. Also Cung Le and my corner Sal Gallardo, Javier Gonzales, and Jane Estioko. I can’t forget Sponsors: Knoxx, En Tu Cara, GFY, R&R Refuse Routine. I give a  shou-out to Cung Le and thank you for the interview

Catch Tachi Palace Fights 13 live at Tachi Palace Hotel and Casnio in Lemoore, Ca on Thursday May 10. You can also check out the free online stream at See the up and comers at Tachi Palace Fights!

Tachi Palace Fights 13: Unfinished Business | Lemoore, CA 5/10/12

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Catch Tachi Palace Fights 13 live at Tachi Palace Hotel and Casnio in Lemoore, Ca on Thursday May 10. You can also check out the free online stream at See the up and comers at Tachi Palace Fights!


Chad George (14-6) vs. Joe Soto (10-2)

Alexander Crispim (7-3) vs. Ian Loveland (14-9)

Tony Llamas (10-13) vs. Poppies Martinez (19-7)

Art Arciniega (10-4) vs. Sergio Cortez (7-7)

Chidi Njokuani (6-3) vs. John Reedy (10-4)

Taylor McCorriston (6-2) vs. Darrell Montague (9-2)

Paul Ruiz (2-1) vs. Ruben Trujillo (1-1)

Martin Sandoval (8-3) vs. Andrew Valladerez (3-4)

Upcoming Event: Dragon House 9 – Feb 11 – San Francisco, CA

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Dragon House 9, the professional cage fight series returns to San Francisco. Saturday February 11th 2012 the battle begins. Who will be victorious?

Event Results from Masquerade Fight Party Oct 1.

October 3rd, 2011 No comments

Thanks go to Eric Bullock for covering this fight.

It was a chilly night of fights on the 1st of October at the Masquerade Music Park. Fight Party had a card stacked with talent from top to bottom, which included two title fights. Here is how I saw the action.

Marquez Jackson – X3 vs Rafael George – HardKnox

George starts the round with a takedown and lands in side control. Jackson pulls George into his half guard; they scoot to the cage and move to the standing position. Jackson lands some knees to George’s body and George takes him down. Jackson works a kimura to an armbar. George rolls out on top of Jackson and the round ends.

Round 2 George delivers several kicks and Jackson answers with a knee and a few punches. George gets a single leg takedown and punishes Jackson with some ground and pound. Jackson’s triangle attempt was stopped and George goes for the armbar. Jackson sweeps and lands in George’s half guard. Jackson moves to George’s back and goes for the rear naked choke. George rolls and is now facing Jackson in his full guard. Some more ground and pound from George ends the round.

Round 3 George goes for a single leg takedown and presses Jackson into the cage. Jackson punches George in the face to stop the takedown and lands a few knees to the body. Jackson is fired up and George shoots a double leg takedown. Jackson traps George in his half guard as they move to the cage. Some knees to the body of Jackson and they are standing again. George goes for the single against the cage and they go to the ground. Jackson attempts to lock in a guillotine as the bell rings.

Marquez Jackson def Rafael George by split decision

Maurice Jones – USMC/Guerrilla Fitness vs Jeremy Thurman

A leg kick from Jones and an answering jab from Thurman begin the round. Jones delivers some knees and they break and trade. Jones lands a leg kick and Thurman returns with a jab. There is a possible low blow from Thurman and Jones is looking for some help from the ref as Thurman presses him to the cage with punches. They move to the center of the cage and a kick to the midsection of Thurman sends him to the ground where Jones hits him with a strong left. Thurman attempts a single and Jones takes Thurman to the ground.

Round 2 Jones lands a big kick and Thurman takes him to the ground but lands in Jones’ guard. Jones appears to be going for an omoplata but then pulls Thurman into his full guard. Jones sweeps off of the cage and has Thurman mounted. Jones pounds Thurman’s face with punches until the ref steps in to stop the bout.

Maurice Jones def Jeremy Thurman by TKO (strikes) at 1:55 Round 2

Tania Powell – Top Dog MMA vs Nicola Faircloth –Independent MMA

They trade leg kicks and punches as they move to the cage wall and then back to the center of the cage. Powell goes for the single and lands in Faircloth’s loose triangle that leads to Powell fully mounting Faircloth. Powell traps both of Faircloth’s arms and works the armbar. The round winds down with Powell containing Faircloth’s arms and Faircloth fighting the armbar.

Round 2 Powell presses Faircloth to the cage and is really working the single. Powell hammers Faircloth’s face with some punches and Powell finishes the takedown. Once again Powell has Faircloth mounted and is fighting for the armbar but then switches to a mounted triangle. Faircloth rolls and steps over Powell to prevent the finish and the bell rings.

Round 3 Faircloth delivers a few uppercuts and jabs to Powell and Powell easily takes her to the mat. Powell is briefly trapped in half guard and quickly transitions to side control and to mount once again. Faircloth bucks as Powell goes for another armbar or triangle. Powell switches to a kimura and Faircloth sweeps. Powell sweeps right back to mount and works the kimura to end the round.

Tania Powell def Nicola Faircloth by unanimous decision

Justin Scoggins – Pitch Black MMA vs Chris Ortiz – Independent MMA

Scoggins with his hands down and is just blasting Ortiz with punches and lands a spinning back kick. Ortiz attempts a takedown and eats a knee from Scoggins along with another spinning back kick. Ortiz slips and Scoggins pounces on him. Ortiz leaps up and Scoggins presses him to the cage. Scoggins clinches and Ortiz delivers punches to the body. Scoggins presses Ortiz to the cage and gets a double to side control. Scoggins hammers Ortiz face with heavy fists, as the bell rings and Ortiz must be helped to his corner.

Round 2 Scoggins comes out swinging and pummels Ortiz to the fence. Scoggins knees Ortiz at the cage and lands a head kick that sends Ortiz to the ground. Scoggins follows him to the mat with a flurry of punches and the ref jumps in to stop it.

Justin Scoggins def Chris Ortiz by TKO (strikes) at 1:39 Round 2

Andrew Ballenger – Contemporary Martial Arts/Hardcore Gym vs Ben Brewer – Evolution MMA

Ballenger kicks and slips when the round starts. He gets up and is quickly taken down by Brewer, however Ballenger ends up on top. Brewer sweeps and traps Ballenger in a mounted triangle. Ballenger rolls but is still caught in the triangle. Brewer works a kimura with Ballenger still locked in the triangle. Ballenger slips out and is to his feet. Brewer works a single to the fence and pulls Ballenger away to finish the takedown. Ballenger goes for a triangle and the bell rings.

Round 2 They trade kicks and Brewer shoots a double. Brewer finishes the takedown and lands with Ballenger in his half guard. Ballenger moves to mount and Brewer sweeps into Ballenger’s guard. Ballenger hooks up the triangle and is delivering some hammer fists. Brewer lands some knees to the body of Ballenger still locked in the triangle as the round ends.

Round 3 A leg trip by Brewer and he ends up in Ballenger’s half guard. Brewer moves to side control and punches Ballenger in the face. Brewer mounts and Ballenger rolls, giving up his back. Brewer locks in a rear naked choke and Ballenger taps out.

Ben Brewer def Andrew Ballenger by rear naked choke at 1:53 Round 3

Charles Rosa – ATT vs John Cobb – Independent MMA

Both fighters trade every strike in their arsenal and a Rosa jab sends Cobb to the mat. Hammer fists by Rosa and he moves to mount. Rosa tees off and Cobb gives up his back. Rosa sinks in a rear naked choke and Cobb is finished.

Charles Rosa def John Cobb by rear naked choke at 1:22 Round 1 to win the Fight Party Lightweight Amateur belt

Joseph Corneroli – Pitch Black MMA vs Steele McCall – X3

Corneroli trips McCall and lands in mount. McCall rolls and Corneroli takes his back. Steel works out and they are back to their feet. A head kick and a hook lead to a takedown by Corneroli. McCall hooks up a kimura and Corneroli works out pressing against the cage and delivers elbows to McCall. Steele goes for a guillotine and then transitions to a triangle/armbar. Corneroli stands and McCall lets go but is still pressed to the cage. McCall goes for the armbar but Corneroli rolls and moves to side control and transitioned to mount as the round comes to an end.

Round 2 McCall presses Corneroli to the cage. Corneroli tosses McCall to the ground and lands in side control. Steele wall walks the cage and Corneroli knees the body several times. Corneroli locked up an arm triangle and McCall defends it well. Minutes go by with the arm triangle locked and Corneroli’s arms tire, he lets go of the choke and McCall gets to his feet. Corneroli trips McCall and lands in McCall’s guard as Steele goes for a guillotine.

Round 3 Steele lands a few punches and Corneroli takes him down with a single into side control. McCall traps Corneroli with an inverted triangle but Corneroli slips out and moves to side control. Corneroli delivers some knees to the body and moves to mount easily. McCall bucks and attempts to slip out the back door but Corneroli is smothering him with pressure. On their feet again, Corneroli trips McCall landing in mount and sinks in a guillotine. McCall sneaks out and the bell rings.

Joseph Corneroli def Steele McCall by unanimous decision

Kendrick Miree – ATT vs Michael Alford – Team ROC

Miree chases Alford around the cage and takes him down into side control and then to mount. Alford rolls giving up his back, Miree goes for the rear naked choke and Alford defends. Alford tries to stand but Miree forces him down. Miree is transitioning from back, to side control to north/south like clockwork. Miree works his hooks in and goes for the rear naked again. Alford rolls and Miree is in side control peppering him with elbows.

Round 2 Miree presses Alford to the ground, picks him up and drops him to his side. Miree mounts and Alford rolls and is happy in the turtle position. Alford manages to get up, Miree presses him face first into the cage and takes Alford down with ease. Alford turtles again and Miree takes his back after sinking in his hooks. Miree saws in a rear naked choke but Alford sweeps. Alford is in Miree’s guard and stands as he stacks Miree up. Miree sees an arm, grabs it and taps Alford with an armbar just before the bell.

Kendrick Miree def Michael Alford by armbar at 4:55 Round 2

Stephen Thompson – Pitch Black MMA vs Patrick Mandio – X3

Thompson comes out with his hands down and switching stances rapidly just begging Mandio to come in close. Mandio presses Thompson to the cage; Thompson spins out and presses Mandio to the fence. They break off of the wall and into the center of the mat. Mandio tosses Thompson to the ground and lands in Thompson’s guard. Thompson lands elbows to Mandio’s head as Mandio scoots Thompson to the cage. Thompson walks the wall and delivers a knee to Mandio.

Round 2 A head kick from Thompson and Mandio goes in for the single, he presses Thompson to the cage. Thompson circles and they moved to the center. Thompson presses Mandio to the cage and delivers knees to a takedown. Thompson goes to mount and punishes Mandio’s head with punches. Mandio forces himself up the cage as they break. Thompson goes to the body with punches, lands a combo and head kick before taking Mandio down again. Mandio works his way up as the round ends.

Round 3 Thompson lands several sidekicks to Mandio’s head and then punishes him with leg kicks. Mandio is swinging for the fences as they clinch and trade knees. Thompson continues to pick his strikes perfectly and time them just right to close out the round.

Stephen Thompson def Patrick Mandio by unanimous decision

Marius Cujba – X3 vs John Cofer – Hardcore Gym

The majority of the first round was spent as both fighters are feeling each other out. Cujba lands several unchecked leg kicks. Cofer with a low blow and the ref gives Cujba time to recover. The round ends with more feeling out.

Round 2 Both fighters seem to be ready to throw this round. Cofer is pressing hard landing several shots to the head and body. Cofer charges with 2-3 punch combos and Cujba lands more unchecked leg kicks. Both fighters throw equalizing jabs as Cofer shoots for the takedown. Cujba grabs the fence to stop the takedown but Cofer does not care and slings him down anyway. Cofer ends the round on top blasting Cujba with shoulder blows to the face.

Round 3 Cofer charges with the combos again as Cujba paws at him. Cofer catches a Cujba head kick and then a leg kick to press Cujba to the fence. They circle and Cofer blasts Cujba with a couple of rights. Cofer works a single and attempts a trip but Cujba grabs the cage again to stop the takedown.

Round 4 Cofer lands an uppercut and Cujba answers with a hook. Cujba continues to paw at Cofer and appears to be searching for a strong overhand right. Cujba goes for a single and Cofer lands a knee to the body. They circle and trade to end the round.

Round 5 Cofer is mixing it up more, throwing more kicks to the body. Cujba is still pawing at Cofer. Cofer goes for the single and Cujba grabs the fence again to prevent the takedown for the third time in the fight. Cofer presses Cujba into the cage and delivers several knees while maintaining a tight body lock on Cujba. Cujba goes for a kimura and Cofer circles and moves to the center of the cage. Cofer lands a big left and then a big toss by Cujba and Cofer. Cujba presses Cofer to the fence and Cofer punishes Cujba with a multitude of knees as the bell rings.

John Cofer def Marius Cujba by unanimous decision to win the Fight Party Lightweight belt

Masquerade Fight Part – October 1st, 2011 Atlanta, Ga

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This Saturday, October 1st, 2011
After a long stint in the Carolinas and Tennessee, Fight Party Productions,
the Southeast’s pioneer and longest running continuous
Mixed Martial Arts fight promotion, along with the Masquerade,
is proud to present:
Masquerade Fight Party!


Live, under the stars, at the Masquerade Music Park, Atlanta, Georgia.
Masquerade Fight Party will continue the rich Fight Party tradition with 12 exciting fights.  In the Main Event, the state’s top lightweights, x3’s undefeated Marius Cujba (5-0) and The Hardcore Gym’s John Cofer (6-2, 3 fight win streak), throw down for the *Fight Party Lightweight strap.  In the co-main event, Simpsonville, South Carolina’s Kickboxing phenom, Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson

(53-0 kickboxing, 4-0 MMA), the man welterweight kingpin Georges St. Pierre called the best striker in ANY sport, will continue his quest for MMA greatness when he takes on x3’s Patrick Mandio (3-3, 3-0 at welterweight). Mandio has been on a tear since moving into the welterweight class going 3-0, including a win over the highly-regarded Ururahy Rodriguez.

Here is the full Card:


Marius Cujba (5-0) x3 Sports
John Cofer (6-2) Hardcore Gym


Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (4-0) Team Pitch Black
Patrick ‘Pat le Chat’ Mandio (3-3) x3 Sports


Kendrick Miree (1-0) American Top Team – Atlanta
Michael ‘The Smiling Assassin’ Alford (0-0) Team ROC


Steele McCall (3-0) x3 Sports
Joseph Corneroli (1-0) Team Pitch Black



Charles Rosa (5-0) American Top Team – Boynton Beach
John Cobb (5-2) Independent MMA


Justin “Tank” Scoggins (5-0)
Chris Ortiz (4-3) Independent MMA


Andrew Ballenger (2-1) Contemporary Martial Arts
Ben Brewer (4-0) Evolution MMA


Marques Jackson (5-0) x3 Sports

Rafael “Joop Smash” George (3-3) HardKnox


Marurice Jones (1-2) USMC
Jeremy Thurman (3-6) Team Ground Control


Nicola Fairclough (1-0) Independent MMA
Tania Powell (0-0) Top Dog MMA


Carlton Jefferson III (0-0) Hard Knox
Bryan Cromer (0-0) Top Dog MMA


Michael Rutledge (0-0) Madhouse MMA
Andrew Shoenfeld (1-0) American Top Team – Boynton Beach


Donavin Simmons (0-0) Evolution MMA
David Wade (0-1) Thunderhouse


Fight Party has a long-standing reputation for innovation and providing a stepping stone for fighters on their way to the “big show”; pay-per-view and nationally televised events. An integral component of the contingency which brought the first-everLIVE MMA event to an active combat  zone (A Fight Night for Heroes – September 5th, 2009 FOB Marez, Mosul, Iraq) as well as a place for promising young fighters to hone their skills on their climb to the top. Fighters ranked at one time or another in the upper echelon of their division, BY THE NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED SANCTIONING BODIES such as: Forrest Griffin, Cole Miller, Jorge Masvidal, Jason Miller, Melvin Guillard, Brian Bowles, Micah Miller, Jorge Santiago, Matt Brown, Douglas Lima, Raphael Assuncao, Antonio McKee, Junior Assuncao, Brian Ebersole, Diego Saraieva, Leopoldo Serao, Dustin Hazelett, “Chainsaw Charles McCarthy, Luigi Fioravanti, Jeff Bedard, Paul Creighton, Todd Dufee, Thomas Denny, Marcus Hicks, Jonathon Brookins, Tom Speer, Kyle Bradley, Nissen Osterneck, Clay Harvison, Rory Singer, Brandon Lee Hinkle, Travis Fulton, Abongo Humphrey, Blake Bowman & Georgia Athletic Commission Executive Director Andy Foster, to name a few, all have honed their skills in the Fight Party steel cage.

*Fight Party titles are based on the longstanding track record & reputation of Fight Party Productions, LLC and Fight Party alone.  In no way, shape or form does Fight Party intend to  represent, insinuate or defraud the public into believing that any State or National Sanctioning Body endorses these belts.


Shea Taylor wins historic MMA fight

September 26th, 2011 1 comment

Shea Taylor decided to train to fight again after his left leg was amputated below the knee following a motorcycle accident in 2009. Now in 2011 Shea got his chance and met an undefeated Josh Cook at Wild Bill’s Fight Night 40 in Duluth, Ga. This amateur MMA meeting would last no more than 6 minutes but could further the ability of other amputees to fight in a sanctioned format forever.

As I sit ringside waiting for the fighters to be introduced, I am asked to scoot over to make room for a technician/engineer that uses a wireless laptop rig to monitor the vacuum pump holding Shea’s prosthetic to the rest of his natural leg. The house is packed and Josh, then Shea are introduced. Shea nods to his corner of trainers as well as to the pair of gentlemen on hand to keep tabs on his leg. The fight unfolds as follows:

Josh closes to clinch and maybe take it to the ground. Shea locks a guillotine but is slammed on his side and it’s a grappling match now. Josh is on top in half gard an tries to isolate an arm but switches quickly to a kneebar on his prosthetic leg! The fight is reset to standing after the leg is reaffixed. Shea closes with strikes and Josh drops for a takedown. Shea locks on a guillotine and Josh is forced to tap.

Josh graciously accepts the defeat and holds Shea’s hand up in victory. Here in Duluth we saw a milestone for amputee athletes and I am proud to have been a part of it.

Event Results | Wild Bill’s Fight Night 40

September 26th, 2011 No comments

We hope you didn’t miss this great night of fights in Duluth on Friday but if you did here’s the full wrap up:

Clayton Haley – Thunderhouse MMA vs Manuel Correa – Rodrigez MMA 147lbs

Clay throws a good combo that makes Manuel cover up and take a few body shots. Clay drops for a takedown and grabs a leg. Manuel holds him off for a minute but gets taken to the ground. Clay is on top in half guard and works to pass. Manuel sweeps him over into a front headlock. Manuel works some punches there and locks in a guillotine that looked tight. Clayton shakes him off and they scramble. Clay takes the back and leaps over for an armbar. Clay works for it till the time expires.

Round 2 Clayton lands a good leg kick and circles. Manuel returns with a jumping switch kick and misses. After a few seconds he tries again and gets taken down for his trouble. Clayton is on top in guard and works punches to the body in this amateur bout. Clayton is unable to pass and they trade body blows for the remainder of the round.

Round 3 Clayton circles and jabs. Manuel hasn’t hardly thrown a strike all fight. Clayton lands a leg kick. They clinch up a moment and Clayton lands a good right. Manel seems to recover quickly. They approach and trade some but Clayton is surely getting the better of the exchanges. Later in the round Clayton seems to wilt and Manuel has an opportunity to land some blows and take the round but can’t quite come up with enough.

Clayton Haley def Manuel Correa by unan. dec.

Cody Black – Gentry’s MMA vs Drew Moody – Full Throttle MMA 137lbs

Cody drops for a single leg quick and gets on top in half guard. Cody is able to pass to side control and tries to isolate an arm. Drew turns and tries to make space but Cody stays heavy on him. Cody is able to slip a leg over and gets the mount. Drew hooks a leg and gets it back in half guard. Cody attacks the neck for a choke as the round ends.

Round 2 Cody shoots for another takedown and they find themselves in a similar position. Cody works to pass and does to side control. Drew recomposes his guard and clamps down on Cody’s neck. The ref stands them up after some inactivity and Cody shoots for the takedown immediately. Drew puts up a high guard and forces Clody to pull back and up exposing an arm for Drew to work an armbar. Cody defends the armbar and finds himself nearly in a triangle. The round ends during that attempt.

Round 3 Drew nearly lands a head kick but gets taken down during his subsequent strike. Cody is in north-south on top, grabs a kimura, and moves to side control. Drew rolls over and turtles. Cody takes the back and works for a choke. Drew explodes and gets back to half guard momentarily. Cody passes to mount again and postures up for an armbar.

Cody Black def Drew Moody by unan. dec.

Tecia Torres – Knuckle Up vs Ivey Turner – Legacy Fight Club 118lbs

Tecia lands a body kick early and Ivey clears the distance to clinch up in the corner. Ivey works for a body lock to bring it to the ground. Tecia delivers some knees in the clinch and gets the neck for aguillotine. Tecia drags her to the ground and gets top position with the choke. Tecia tries to finish the choke bt Ivey escapes and gets on top in Tecia’s guard. Tecia puts up for an armbar and Ivey picks her up for 2 consecutive slams. Tecia tries for another armbar but Ivey stays on top until the round ends.

Tecia lands a big push kick in the first seconds. Ivey clinches up and walks Tecia to a friendly corner. Tecia tries to circle out and land knees but Ivey appears very strong. Tecia lands an unintentional knee to the head in this women’s amateur bout. Time back in and they clinch again quickly. Ivey lands the outside trip she’s been attempting but Tecia slips under and takes Ivey’s back. Tecis works for the choke on top and gets the tap after a few moments.

Tecia Torres def Ivey Turner by sub (RNC) 2:43 in rd. 2

Amika Olchovic – Grubel’s MMA vs Mary Matia – KBX Fitness 128lbs

Amika lands a push kick and solid jab early. Mary is a tank and takes the shots in stride. Mary hunkers down and machine guns strikes like she is accustomed to doing. Amika stays very busy in the clinch and keeps Mary from getting a rhythm. At range Amika has a very good jab and rocks Mary a time or two. Mary just keeps coming back but she’s getting struck more times and harder than I’ve seen in any of her fights.

Round 2 Mary keeps coming and tries to wear Amika out in the clinch. Amika lands a varied series of strikes and moves to evade. Amika slows down with kicks and really lowers the offensive output allowing Mary to machine gun her way to winning the round.

Mary backs Amika up to her corner and forces Amika to clinch with her as she delivers her trademark onslaught of punches. Amika gets some clinch work in to stymie the attack and they teeter back and forth with punches and clinch work. Tough fight to call with this last round being so close.

Mary Matia def Amika Olchovic by split dec.

Josh Cook – Chaotic Fitness vs Shea Taylor – Saraiva MMA 157lbs

Josh closes to clinch and maybe take it to the ground. Shea locks a guillotine but is slammed on his side and it’s a grappling match now. Josh is on top in half guard an tries to isolate an arm but switches quickly to a kneebar on his prosthetic leg! The fight is reset to standing after the leg is reaffixed. Shea closes with strikes and Josh drops for a takedown. Shea locks on a guillotine and Josh is forced to tap.

Shea Taylor def Josh Cook by sub (guillotine)

Stephen Upchurch – Knuckle Up vs Jake Pruitt – Legacy Fight Club 157lbs

Jake fights with open hands and throws big kicks and looping punches. Stephen closes and they trade a few shots. They land simultaneous hooks and stagger each other for a moment. Jake clinches up now and drives Stephen to the corner. Stephen turns him and drops for a double leg takedown getting the fight to the ground. Stephen is on top in the guard now and works to strike and pass. Jake is able to push Stephen off momentarily and Stephen goes to kicking the thighs of a downed Pruitt. Stephen drops to meet Jake on the ground and Jake turns to X-guard in an effort to sweep. Stephen pushes Jake head down to the mat and strikes until Jake presents the neck. Stephen locks in a guillotine and gets the tap for the victory.

Stephen Upchurch def Jake Pruitt by sub (guillotine) 3:20 in rd. 1.

Gerry Tena – Striker Fight Center vs Chris Cain – Fitness Edge MMA 144lbs

Gerry lands a stiff leg kick early and Chris shoots for a bodylock takedown. They scramble and exchange guillotine attempts quickly. Gerry is on the bottom now with Chris in side control. Gerry rolls him over and into his guard. Gerry works elbows from the bottom as Chris passes to side control and eventually the mount. Chris advances for an armbar and Gerry is able to roll with him and end up on top. They scramble, Gerry approaches and Chris goes for a leg lock. They jockey around for position and scramble again. These guys are all over the place. Chris is able to pass again all the way to north-south. Gerry turns to recompose his guard and Chris ends up on top in half guard. Gerry eats a big elbow and blasts up to sweep to top position. He lands a punch or two before the round ends.

Round 2 Gerry loads up a big punch and they close again. Chris drops low for a takedown and Gerry is able to sprawl effectively the first two times before he’s taken down. Gerry has Chris in his full guard now. Gerry has a butterfly hook in and as Chris moves out transitions to a nice armbar that gets really close. Chris defends and is back on top. Gerry turns for another smooth armbar attempt that ends in a triangle attempt. Chris defends really well by turning his body and ends in side control again. Chris passes to mount but only for a moment. Gerry moves him off but is mounted again quickly.

Round 3 Chris closes and Gerry hits an arm circle takedown to end in half guard on top for the first time this fight. He postures up and lands some hard punches and elbows. Chris turtles and Gery lands more strikes. Gerry rolls him over and attacks an arm for an armbar. Chris defends end is in Gerry’s guard. Gerry struggles to get top position, Chris tries an anaconda choke, misses, and gets Gerry’s back with one hook. Chris tries to seal an arm-triangle as the final bell rings.

Chris Cain def Gerry Tena by unan dec.

Andrew Higgins – Fusion MMA vs Jacob Hebeison – Iron Clutch Fitness 137lbs

Andrew has light step, very Dominic Cruz and circles Jacob with kicks. Jacob replies with a stiff shot of his own but goes back into defensive mode. Andrew stalks him across the ring with a combo, Jacob counters, and Andrew drops for a takedown. Jacob is able to stuff it and they circle around some more. Andrew goes for a flying knee and Jacob snatches him down to the ground. Andrew goes for a heel hook, Jacob a toe hold, and Jacob turns to land on top in Andrew’s half guard. They scramble to stand when Jacob grabs Andrews neck for a guillotine. Andrew survives and is in Jacob’s guard. Jacob is able to technical stnace up and end the round standing over Andrew landing elbows and solid punches.

Round 2 Jacob feints some and throws a hard right that gives Andrew pause. They trade some jabs and Jacob fires a takedown from 6 feet out landing a double leg takedown in his corner. Jacob postures up and lands a shot that makes a solid thud with Andrew’s head on the canvas. Jacob maneuvers between side control and north south to deliver more elbows. Andrew is taking a beating but uses his legs to defend himself. Jacob attempts a fight-finishing armbar that he misses by inches and Andrew finishes the round on top. A dominating round for Jacob.

Round 3 Jacob lands a stiff leg kick that slows Andrew down pretty good. Andrew is having a tough time finding his spot now and reaches with his punches. Jacob rushes in and lands another big takedown. Jacob maintains a high half guard and works more punches and elbows that are hurting Andrew, this could be stopped at any second. Aaaand a full minute of punishment later Andrew maintains his composure and gets guard, then works for a knee bar when Jacob gives up a leg. Jacob defends and gets back on top in the half guard he was able to deliver all that punishment from. Jacob hops up and works a far-side arm bar that turns into a kimura.

Jacob Hebeison def Andrew Higgins by sub (kimura) 4:41 in rd. 3.

Ronnie Rogers – HIT Squad vs Diego Saraiva – Saraiva MMA/Team Octopus 150lbs

Ronnie comes up and lands a few punches ending with a strong sweep. Ronnie leaves him on the ground and they get back to standing. Ronnie favors some leg kicks here, Diego hasn’t thrown much yet. Ronnie stalks Diego down and throws combos. They clinch up and Diego goes for a guillotine. Ronnie is able to pop his head out and stands over Diego. Ronnie lets him stand and they circle again. Diego lands a leg kick and Ronnie returns the favor. Ronnie tags Diego and he follows up with a combo. Diego taunts for more. Diego lands a solid body kick just as the first round ends.

Round 2 Diego backs up and when Ronnie lands a punch, Diego covers up to block a few, perhaps to wear Ronnie down. Ronnie gets 2 more chances like that but lands no major damage. Diego is kicking the body and legs. This seems to be an overall strategy to wear Ronnie down, enticing him to strike with taunts. Diego has had 2 failed takedowns this round so far, double legs that Ronnie is flat stuffing. Diego lands a right punch and high right round combo that momentarily staggers Ronnie. Diego pursues but Ronnie recovers quickly. Diego has certainly kept Ronnie guessing late in this round with oddly timed counters and covers up but Ronnie is seemingly outstriking Diego.

Round 3 Ronnie catches a kick and lands a right to put Diego down. Lots of showboating and taunting now that these guys are really hating on each other. Their strikes are similarly varied with straight punches and kicks to the body and legs. Diego seems fresher at this stage but we’re not seeing the urgency you’d expect from a guy that is probably losing the fight. Diego lands a stiff jab in the later minutes and Ronnie has taken to flashy kicks for the benefit of the judges and fans. Ronnie retreats straight back with his chin in the air which could be a problem if Diego moves forward enough. Diego gets another shot stuffed and weathers another 4 punch combo while covered up. Diego may now be landing more strikes but they appear to be about even. Diego has a failed takedown and upkicks from the ground. 10 seconds clack and the fight is over soon after.

Ronnie Rogers def Diego Saraiva by unan. dec.

Wild Bill’s Fight Night 40 Full Fight Card

September 20th, 2011 No comments

Diego Saraiva (Saraiva MMA) vs Ronnie Rogers (The HIT Squad)
Andrew Higgins (Fusion MMA) vs Jacob Hebeison (Iron Clutch Fitness)
Stephen Upchurch (Knuckle Up Fitness) vs Brian Mullis
Gerry Tena (Striker Fight Center) vs Chris Cain (Fitness Edge MMA)

Shea Taylor (Saraiva MMA) vs Josh Cook (Chaotic Fitness)
Tecia Torres (Knuckle Up) vs Ivey Turner (Legacy Fight Club)
Drew Moody (Kelly Leo) vs Cody Black (Gentry’s MMA)
Manuel Corrier (Rodrigues MMA) vs Clayton Henry (Thunderhouse)

Mary Matia (KBX) vs Amica Olchovik (Gruebel’s MMA)

Event Coverage | Wild Bills Fight Night – 39 Duluth, Ga

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NextMMAFighter was able to cover another great night of fights at Wild Bill’s in Duluth, Ga. The card, as laid out, provided some really interesting matchups and others that we know would lend themselves to some sparks. Check out the action here:

Stephen Coggins- Legacy Fight Club vs John Garcia – Team Octopus 137lbs

John rushes out like a bull but does not srike. They clinch up and Stephen drags the action to the ground. John is able to work back to full guard and Stephen works the body. John posted up for an armbar, Stephen avoided it but jumped right into a traingle attempt. John works the triangle from the bottom but is unable to complete. Stephen defends, rolls John over and takes the back. John turns into him and works some punches in the guard. They stand and approach once more. Stephen controls John’s neck in a clinch for the remainder of the round.

Round 2 John rushed out again and Stephen strikes. They lock up go to the ground with Stephen in John’s half guard. John recomposes his guard and Stephen works to pass. They get stood up and nearly land simultaneous haymakers. John seems to have clipped Stephen and gets the action to the ground. Stephen turtles and John takes the back. Stephen struggles to escape his position but John is able to sink in the Rear Naked Choke.

John Garcia def Stephen Coggins by sub (RNC) in rd. 2 2:14

Rusty Crowder – Defkon 1 vs Kevin Patton – Fusion MMA 136lbs

These guys size each other up to start. Kevin looses a leg kick followed by a flying switch kick. They scramble on the ground momenatirly and get back to standing. Rusty fires off a flurry and Kevin drops for a takedown. Rusty sprawls out nicely and they separate. They trade some low kicks although Rusty seems to be commanding the standup. Kevin drops for a takedown and ends in Rusty’s guard. Rusty had an arm locked up pretty well and was landing shots on Kevin’s face. Kevin got his arm free and rained down some blows form the top. The round ends with Kevin in Rusty’s guard.

ROund 2 Kevin throws a few kicks to set up another double leg takedown. Kevin has his arm trapped behind Rusty’s back and is getting a little punishment for it. Rusth has some active hips and puts up for an armbar. Kevin avoids it and lands some solid punches. Kevin postures up once or twice to land more punches whil Rusty tries to devn and find an opportunity to sweep. They end the round roughing each other up in the guard.

Round 3 Kevin is having trouble penetratin Rusty’s jabs and kicks. Rusty rushes forward and gives Kevin a chance to drop levels and get another takedown. Kevin works more punches from the top, opting to stand and punch as well as deliver blows from the guard. They trade back and forth for a bit and get stood up. Kevin lands a good push kick and follows with another takedown. The action slows and they get stood up for the last time. In the last 10 seconds Rusty unleashes a barrage of punches and they stand and trade for a full 5 seconds in an exciting finish.

Kevin Patton def Rusty Crowder by split dec.

Nick Beal – Striker Fight Center vs Gui Curry – Knuckle Up 156lbs

Gui throws a combo quick and clinches up for a takedown. Nick keeps his feet and tries for a body kick. Gui weathers the kick and gets a takedown. Gui lands in half guard and works to pass. Gui is able to pass to side control after pushing Nick’s leg down and stepping over. Gui works some punches but Nick returns some of his own from his back. Gui steps over to mount and Nick executes a nice slip to get him back to half guard. Gui passes again and throws punches from the mount when time expires.

Round 2 Nick throws a combo to keep Gui outside of his range but Gui persists and clinches up. Gui lands an outside trip and they are back to the ground. Gui passes to mount once more and throws punches. Nick turns to escape as best he can but Gui is heavy and sticky. Gui moves up to set up an armbar and Nick turns into him and gets top position. After 4:45 of controlled punishment from Gui, we see Nick unleash a round and a half of frustration and land some solid punches when the round ends.

Round 3 Gui shoots for a single early and Nick maintains his balance. Nick punches Gui down to the ground and Gui is laying it wait. Nick drops som punches but lets him stand. Gui tries 2 more takedowns but is stuffed and Nick let’s him stand. Gui looks tired and his takedowns are less effective. NIck stuffs another and lands some punches before he lets Gui up agains. Nick drops his shoulders for a leading left hook and barely misses. Gui rushes in for one last takedown he is unable to land before the fight ends. This is gonna be a tough one to score. Could easily be a draw.

Gui Curry def Nick Beal by majority dec.

Jose Tezanos – Hardcore Gym vs Joe Elmore – Hardknox/Gracie Barra 156lbs

They get after it fast but Jose lands a slightly illegal knee at the beginning. The fighters are ok and we get back to it. Jose cme to bang and they get after it. Joe regurns some shots and they grapple up. Jose drops for a double and gtes to the ground. Joe turns out and works Jose’s neck. Joe works hard for that guillotine but Jose pops out. They scramble and Joe gets a neck again. JOse picks him up to slam and Joe rolls him over. They scramble and Joe finds the neck again. Jose gets on top and pops his head out. These guys love a formula. Jose is on top and working some position but looks to have poked an eye. Jose denies it but Joe is upset. The tension is palpable. Joe kicks Jose’s legs out and catches the neck again on the way down. Jose finds daylight once more and he’s back on top. Jose postures up and works punches to a down Elmore. Joe moves a lot and misses most of the damage as the round ends.

JOe lands a huge pushkick early in this round and follows with a roundhouse that misses. Jose pushes forward and gets a takedown. They find themselves in a familiar Elmore half guard. Jose works some body shots and elbows. Joe creates some space and spins out. They trade some knees and Joe drops for a takedown of his own. They scramble for position and Joe goes for a triangle Jose turns and loosens a leg to stay out of trouble and passing to side control. Joe pushes Jose off and goes for a triangle and transitions to an omoplata. Jose defends the omaplata ang goes back to Joes guard. Joe did a lot of work off his back, maybe more than I’ve seen him do in any of his other fights. Hard round to score.

Round 3 Joe starts picking Jose apart with big punch combos. Well not really combos but a series of hard thrown unansswered punches. JOse has his nhands down and is tired. Joe is hunting for a KO here. Joe’s got strong push kicks that are taking the last wind out of Jose here. Joe works the body with two big rights and a solid kick. Jose fires a lazy takedown and gets his back taken. Joe works him with punches and knees for the remainder of the round.

Joe Elmore def Jose Tezanos by majority dec.

Bryan Goldsby – Rush MMA vs Ronnie Rogers – Hit Squad 155lbs

Bryan is using his footwork and speed to keep range but drops for a takedown when Ronnie closed the distance. Bryan’s length might be a problem for Ronnie as we go on. They both drop for a takedown and Ronnie locks up a neck quickly. Bryan shifts and changes his posture to get some relief but after a few moments he looks to tap.

Ronnie Rogers def Bryan Goldsby by sub (guillotine) in rd. 1:15

Scott Farhat – Striker Fight Center vs Byron Bloodworth – Iron Clutch Fit/ATT Atl 135lbs

Byron feints a front kick and lands a glancing switch knee. Byron clinches up and they move to the corner. Scott works some inside punches and uppercuts while Byron presses him into the corner looking for an openning to strike. The ref splits em up and we get back to standup. Byron feints a takedown tht Scott bits hard on. Scott lands a short hook on the way out and Byron leaps into him with another switch knee. Byron is landing the more technical strikes and Scott counters with a rush of strikes. They clinch up after some strikes and resume the corner. Scott lands some big body shots as the round ends.

Round 2 Byron lands a leg kick and solid body kick to start the series. Scott answers with a leg kick. Byron backs up and lands that jumping switch knee that knocks Scott out cold.

Byron Bloodworth def Scott Farhat by KO in rd 2